A Few Hacks to Try at Starbucks

If Starbucks is part of your morning routine, here are a few hacks to get a better experience and save money.


1.  If there’s a long line, order on their app.  Then skip the line, walk up a few minutes later, and ask for your drink.  If it’s not done yet, they’ll usually rush it.


2.  If you don’t like super-hot coffee, order your drink at “kids’ temperature.”  It’ll save your tongue from getting burned.


3.  Ask for your “grande” coffee in a “venti” cup.  It gives you more room for cream.  And if they accidentally overfill it a little bit, boom – that’s free coffee!


4. If you’re up for something new, ask what the barista likes, and order that.  They know better than anyone what’s good.  And they probably have a few hacks of their own.