The Skills and Superpowers We Want, and What We’d Pay to Have Them

A new survey looked into different skills we wish we had, and how much we’d PAY to magically have them with ZERO effort, because who has time to learn anything these days?  There’s too much good stuff on Netflix.


It found the skill we’d pay the most for is being good in bed.  The average person said they’d shell out $8,200 for it.  The rest of the top five skills are being less anxious, $6,800, public speaking, $6,200, being more patient, $6,100, and being more athletic, $5,900.


Playing an instrument and speaking a foreign language just missed the top five at $5,700 each.


Now the fun part:  The survey also asked people how much they’d pay for different SUPERPOWERS.  And #1 was “healing or regeneration” like Wolverine at $143,000.


Here are the rest:  Bending time, $128,000, invisibility, $123,000, teleportation, $123,000, mindreading, $119,000, the gift of flight, $109,000, super strength, $106,000, moving things with your mind, $98,000, and X-ray vision, $92,000.  (So basically, if you add all that up, we’d pay just over $1 million to be Superman.)


The survey also found the top things that prevent us from learning a new skill are putting in the time, losing interest, and spending money.