A Bride’s Sister Asks If She Can Take Her Wedding Date and Venue Instead

It takes a special kind of entitlement to try to totally hijack someone else’s wedding, then get upset when they don’t let you.  A 28-year-old woman just posted a story on Reddit about her younger sister pulling a move that very few people would ever dream of attempting.


The older sister has been planning her wedding for three years, she and her fiancé have been waiting until she finishes her Ph.D. program to get married.  And they’re finally set to get married in September.  Well, over the weekend, she was at a family barbecue and her 23-year-old sister announced she was pregnant.


And then, in front of everyone, she asked if SHE could take over her older sister’s wedding date, and get married at their venue instead.  When the older sister said no, the younger sister burst into tears, and all of the family members got MAD at the older sister.  And they’ve been shaming her ever since.


The older sister shared the story on Reddit and, for what it’s worth, most people seem FIRMLY on her side.


(Reddit / Some E-cards)