Thieves Steal a Duffel Bag, Not Realizing It’s Filled With Pythons

I’m pretty sure when these thieves opened the duffel bag they stole, they finally understood the concept of instant karma.  Some thieves broke into a car in San Jose, California on Saturday and stole a duffel bag.


But they didn’t realize what was inside:  Four PYTHONS and a rare lizard!


The bag belonged to a reptile breeder named Brian Gundy, and he’d just given a talk at a library.  Brian says the snakes and lizard in the bag are worth about $5,000, but mostly he wants to get them back because he’s worried about them.


He’s afraid that when the thieves opened the bag and saw the snakes, they might’ve just abandoned them.  “Not everyone knows how to take care of reptiles.  I have a concern for them.  The sad thing too, it happened on my birthday, these are animals that I hatched.  They are my babies.”


(Fox 2 – Oakland)