Good News: TurboVax, Hugs, and a 104-Year-Old Who Beat COVID Twice

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds.

1.  A 13-year-old girl from New Mexico named Kaydence Henslee was staying at a hotel in Orlando with her family.  And she ended up saving a toddler from drowning in the pool.  The little girl’s mom only stepped away for a few minutes.  But luckily, Kaydence was paying attention and pulled the girl out.  Then someone did CPR, and she’s okay.

2.  A software engineer for Airbnb just got his vaccine after helping thousands of other New Yorkers get theirs.  In January, he made a website called TurboVax that helps people find appointments.  He says it took him two weekends, and cost a total of $50.

3.  We love seeing more and more of these stories:  A guy in Colorado just got to visit his wife in her nursing home.  And they gave each other a hug for the first time in a year.  She has Alzheimer’s, and they’ve been married 55 years.

4.  A 104-year-old woman in Colombia got a round of applause while leaving the hospital on Monday, after beating COVID for the SECOND time.  She tested positive last June, and then got it again last month.  She spent 21 days in the hospital, but now she’s back home.