The Top 10 “Hangriest” States

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hard-working Americans out there doing the REAL work to satisfy our thirst for knowledge.  Someone has conducted a study to determine the Hangriest states.  (???)  If you’re unfamiliar, that’s hunger-caused anger.

They did it by looking at the number of fast food joints and Walmarts per capita in each state, the work break laws in each location, the percent of adults with diabetes, and the number of searches for the word “hanger.”  The basic idea is that the easier it is to satisfy your hunger, the less hangry you’ll become.

In the end, the hangriest state is Maine, followed by Mississippi, Alaska, Vermont, South Dakota, Idaho, West Virginia, Oregon, Montana, and Rhode Island.

The LEAST hangry state is Illinois, followed by Georgia.

(You can see the full rankings on  But note that there are multiple TIES.)