Check Out the Finalists for “Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year”

Every year for the past 15 years, Nationwide Pet Insurance does something called the “Hambone Award,” for the most unique injury claim.  It was named after a dog that once got into a fridge, ate an entire holiday ham, and ended up with mild hypothermia.

Since they insure over a million pets, they hear a lot of insane stories.  And they just named their finalists for 2023.  Here are the highlights . . .

Giles, a cat from New York City, got smooshed in a sofa, when out-of-town visitors inadvertently closed the folding couch, with Giles underneath.  Giles didn’t suffer any lasting effects.

Grayson Haze, a Labrador retriever from Texas, took an “unexpected jump” off a 36-foot-high bridge and landed on a concrete embankment.  He survived.

Jax, a pug from Las Vegas, was wrapped up in a comforter at home while recovering from surgery, and then got in MORE trouble when he became dangerously overheated and suffered heat stroke.  He’s okay.

Josie, a mixed breed pup from California, lost four teeth and got a broken jaw while aggressively chasing a ball during a game of fetch.  Josie collided into a pair of cast-iron stadium seats, which were taken from historic Candlestick Park.

Miko, a cat from New Orleans, got bitten near the eye during a fight with some DOVES.  Miko was not seriously hurt.

All week, you can vote on which pet should be given the annual “Hambone Award” at  They have photos of all the nominees, along with the FULL story of what happened to each.

Last year’s winner was Rafa, a cat from Seattle, who was rescued, after falling 45 feet down a storm drain.  He was in the ICU for four days, but now he’s back to normal.


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