Stupid Criminal: A School’s Marching Band Director Got Tased for Refusing to Stop the Music

It’s good to be passionate about your work.  Just maybe not THIS passionate:  The director of a high school marching band got arrested in Alabama Thursday night after refusing to make his band stop playing.

His name is Johnny Mims.  He’s been the band director at a high school near Birmingham since 2018.  (Here’s his mugshot.)

His school’s football team won a game 27-zip on Thursday.  And according to reports, bands for both schools continued to play “long after” the game was over.

Police asked the directors for both bands to stop so everyone could go home.  The other school’s band said fine.  But Johnny told his kids NOT to stop. Police eventually decided to arrest him, and he resisted.  They say he refused to put his hands behind his back, then shoved a cop.  So they had to TASE him.

He’s facing charges for disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest.  The school’s superintendent put out a statement, but said they’re not commenting until they’ve finished “gathering all the facts.”


( / MEAWW / BPD)