People Are Paying $11 for an Online Class That Claims You Don’t Really Need Glasses

You’ve heard the saying, “that’s the blind leading the blind”, and this might be the most literal example of that.

A woman on social media who claims to be a “holistic coach” says that people with diminished eyesight are told that they need eyeglasses or contact lenses, but this is a lie.  And for $11 per class, she’ll explain why.

Her name is Samantha Lotus, and she claims she offers “simple,” “holistic multidimensional healing” methods that are “backed by science.”  She also says that if you’re “closed-minded and want to stay a victim, this is not for you.”

Obviously, this seems like a scam, but some people didn’t see it coming.  And some of her webinars have had hundreds of people sign up.

A popular TikToker named Mallory says she enrolled, so we don’t have to.  She uses her platform to debunk misinformation and conspiracy theories.  Mallory says the whole thing is basically a sales pitch for essential oils, specifically from the company that Samantha is a rep for.

(Mallory shared this clip of Samantha from the course.  And here’s another.)

Samantha denies that this is a grift, and says that her teachings include tips on “avoiding blue light, reducing screen time, using specific eye and neck exercises, and incorporating specific nutrients into your diet.”

She’s from Canada, and the Canadian Association of Optometrists says they “are not aware of the existence in peer-reviewed scientific literature of any evidence to support those claims.”

Samantha is not a doctor, but she claims she has studied psychology, sociology, and naturopathic medicine, as well anatomy, physiology, and biology.

Her website was set to “private” after she started getting backlash, including the page  where she hawked her essential oils.  (Which is a VERY understandable thing to do if you are legit.)  (???)

It’s unclear if any of Samantha’s students have cured themselves.


(National Post)