A Thief Was Caught, Because of a Footprint in Cajun Seasoning?

This seems like a modern day Hardy Boys case.  A 21-year-old man in Pennsylvania named Quasir Stephens was arrested on burglary charges earlier this month, after he left a pretty interesting clue.

When the police were checking out the scene of the crime, they noticed the kitchen floor was covered in Cajun seasoning.  It’s unclear why.  But there were footprints through it.

During the search, the victim received a suspicious call from Quasir, and mentioned it to the police.  So, they decided to make a house call.

When they showed up at Quasir’s place, they saw footprints outside, which matched ones found in the Cajun seasoning.  (???)

Quasir was arrested, and charged with felony burglary, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, plus some drug-related charges.