Has a Dating App Figured Out How to Ban “Ghosting”?

If you’ve done any online dating, you’ve had to deal with ghosting.  And even though no one enjoys being ignored, most people are probably guilty of it themselves to some degree.  (If not in dating, then in texting.)

The dating app Hinge is trying to ban ghosting, and it’s actually a pretty interesting concept.  They’re testing a feature called “Your Turn Limits,” which is meant to boost a focus on “quality over quantity.”

Here’s how it works:  If a person has eight or more people waiting for a response, then you can’t start a new connection unless you either reply to those people or officially choose to “end” the conversation with them.

In other words, if it’s YOUR TURN to talk, you either have to talk, or let the other person know that you’re moving on, so they’re not left hanging.

They say it isn’t just keeping ghosters in check, it’s also about keeping users from getting overwhelmed and burnt out.