Stupid Criminal:  A Bank Robber Showed a Teller a Note, on an iPad

Every now and then it’s fun to check in on how criminals are innovating with technology.  This is an example of that . . .

A 53-year-old man in Las Vegas named Donald Malone tried to rob a bank two weeks ago, and instead of passing a paper note to the clerk, he showed them a pre-written note on an iPad.  It said, “Give me large bills only, don’t try anything and don’t give any trackers or dye packs.”

The teller activated a silent alarm, and another worker approached her station.  The robber got spooked, and ran off.

The next morning, Donald brought his iPad to ANOTHER bank to try again.  This time, it said, “I am heavily armed.  Don’t move and don’t be suspicious, and [act] like nothing is going on.”  The teller handed over nearly $1,000 in cash.

The police caught up with Donald and charged him with robbery, burglary, and attempted robbery.  They also confiscated the iPad.


(8 News Now)