Stupid Criminal: A Man Who Broke Into a Pet Store Was Later Found with Four Hamsters in His Pants

A man in Ohio named Matthew Pancake was arrested after a series of break-ins early yesterday morning.

He broke into a Famous Footwear store, and a restaurant called Roosters, where he was seen on camera wearing leopard-print pajamas.  Then he kept the animal-theme going by breaking into a pet store called Petland.

A bunch of animals were set free, presumably intentionally.

Police finally tracked down Matthew in a Big Lots parking lot, and when they arrested him, they discovered he had FOUR HAMSTERS in his pants.  (???)

He’s charged with breaking and entering and vandalism.

As for the animals, the police recovered two dogs, multiple birds, yet another hamster, and at least two bunnies.  Authorities say they’re still looking for more bunnies, birds, and a ferret.


(10 TV)