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A Guy with a Ladder Came Out of Nowhere to Rescue Two People from a Fire

A hair salon near Ocean City, New Jersey caught fire this past Sunday.  And within minutes, it was an inferno.  Someone got video of it, and one half of the building was engulfed, including a set of stairs in the back.  The fact that the stairs were on fire was a big deal, because two guys who lived in an apartment upstairs were trapped with no way out.

A Dog Smelled a Gas Leak and Broke Out of Her Owner’s House to Get Help

Police in Tuckahoe, New York near Manhattan got a call last Wednesday about a pit bull named Sadie running loose in the streets and barking like crazy.  So they tried to catch her, but couldn’t.  She eventually led them back to her owner’s house, and no one was home.  But while the cops were walking around the property, they smelled GAS.