The Best Beer City in America Is Portland, Maine?

Hooooo boy, this is going to make a whole bunch of shocked hipsters spit their cold brewed coffee all over their reclaimed wood kitchen tables.


A new study found the top 10 cities for beer drinkers in America, and number one is Portland, wait for it . . . MAINE.  Portland, Oregon came in third. 


The rankings are based on the number of microbreweries, brew pubs, and bars per capita, the average Yelp rating for those places, and the average price for a beer.


Portland, Maine came in first mainly thanks to its ratio of 17 breweries for only 66,000 people.  And it’s not the only unexpected city on the list.  Here’s the rest of the top 10:


Asheville, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Billings, Montana, Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, Wilmington, North Carolina, Missoula, Montana, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio.


(Here’s a chart with the top 25 cities for beer drinkers.)