Trisha Yearwood raises nearly $40K to help rescue animals in honor of ‘Betty White Challenge’


Fans of Betty White, who passed away at age 99 on New Year’s Eve, have been honoring her memory with the Betty White Challenge, which encouraged fans to donate to animal shelters or animal rights organizations on January 17 — which would have been White’s 100th birthday. White was a passionate advocate for animals, working with the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association for over 50 years.

Country star Trisha Yearwood is among those who support the Betty White Challenge. Yearwood is also passionate about animal rights and launched her own charity Dottie’s Yard Fund in 2021, named after her and her husband Garth Brooks’ late dog Dottie. The couple uses their new charity to support other animal shelters around the country.

Yearwood said to People“Everybody loves Betty White. I’ve been reading about the influx of donations to pet charities and shelters across the nation since Betty’s passing, and I think she is up there smiling so big that this is how the world is showing her how much we love her. I’m excited to be a part of the Betty White Challenge to help shine a light on the great work that rescues, and shelters do, many with only volunteers and private donations of food, bedding, and time.” She added: “They need our help. The common denominator is love. Betty showed us how. Now we have to keep it up and make sure her legacy lives on. Love all creatures, great and small!” 

Yearwood’s virtual event with ‘Talkshoplive’ raised money for rescue pets around the country, with Yearwood herself announcing she would match up to $10,000 in donations. According to Yearwood’s Twitter, she was able to raise over $24,000 in under 15 minutes, and by the following day on Jan. 18, she had raised over $38,000.

Trisha Yearwood Raises Over $30,000 for Rescue Pets as Part of Betty White Challenge

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