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Is It Cheating to Kiss Someone Under the Mistletoe?

You guys know that the mistletoe isn’t, like, a binding legal contract, right?  If someone holds a mistletoe over your head and you don’t kiss them, you won’t go to Christmas jail.  A new survey asked people if, “passionately kissing a person other than your romantic partner on the lips under the mistletoe” is CHEATING.

An 83-Year-Old Guy’s Christmas Song Finally Made It on the Radio

You’ve really gotta love Christmas to spend this many years OBSESSING over something like this.  But hey, it paid off.  There’s an 83-year-old great-grandfather in Texas named Johnny Gondesen who used to be in a country western band when he was young.  And back in 1965, he wrote a Christmas song for his kids called “Christmas Is Here”.