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Lyft Is Giving Cancer Patients Free Rides to Their Appointments

The ride-hailing app Lyft helped out after the hurricanes in Florida and Texas last year by taking people to shelters free of charge.  Now they’re doing it for another group that could use some help.  They recently partnered with the American Cancer Society for a program called “Road to Recovery,” where they offer cancer patients free rides to-and-from their cancer treatments.

Each State’s Most Uniquely Popular Truck Stop Purchase

Truck stops have a wide array of weird stuff to buy.  It’s a one-stop shop if you ever need a pink cowboy hat, a C.B. radio, one condom, and a shower.  The truck stop chain Flying J looked at the most COMMON things we buy at truck stops around the country.  Then they looked at the top 20 for each state, and picked the one that’s most UNIQUE to that area.  Here are six quick stats . . .