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What’s the Signature Dessert in Every State?

There’s a new list out of the signature DESSERT from every state.  And I’m glad to see that pretty much every state really DOES have a good, unique dessert staple.  No one had to phone it in and say, “Um, I dunno.  Maybe cookies or something?”

A Woman’s Car Broke Down, and Three Teenagers Pushed It Four Miles

Three teenage boys in Canada were driving to a Tim Horton’s last week to get some snacks around one in the morning.  And they saw a woman’s car broken down in the middle of an intersection.  Their names are Bailey Campbell, Aeron McQuillin, and Billy Tarbett.  And they’re all between 15 and 18 years old.

Moms Are Stricter Than Dads, Except with Punishments

Who’s the stricter parent in your house?  A new survey asked 2,000 people with kids.  And apparently MOMS tend to be the stricter one.  41% said Mom is the strict one in their family, compared to 30% who said Dad is.  But 65% said neither person is a pushover, and they’re both strict to some degree.