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  • The Two Types of Lingerie Guys Like Most

    We've got the results of a new survey on men's favorite types of lingerie. Based on how it looks on women, not themselves, but that would be an awesome survey. Their favorite type of bra is the push-up bra. That's followed by a regular bra, a bustier-type bra, a strapless bra, and a sports bra. Read More
  • A Woman Is Banned From Talking About Her Ex on Facebook, or She'll Get Five Years in Prison

    Is talking smack about your ex on Facebook worth going to jail for? I guess we're about to find out. 40-year-old Maureen Curoe of Belfast, Northern Ireland was in a long relationship with a guy named Adrian McAleese, but they broke up three years ago. Read More
  • Which Social Media Do People Like the Most?

    I feel like LinkedIn is a necessary evil for most people. You need a profile for networking and your professional reputation, but they send you a BILLION emails every day and constantly cash in by selling your information. So this makes sense: A new nationwide survey found people hate LinkedIn the most of ANY major social network. Read More

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